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Pioneer DJ presents new OPUS-QUAD all-in-one controller

Pioneer DJ keeps ups the momentum with the official announce of the OPUS-QUAD


The Opus-Quad is the brand’s first all-in-one system to feature standalone 4-deck playback. It comes with an appeal to design, too – the hardware is fan shaped with a sloping top plate.


Styled with a sloping deck plate, Pioneer’s new OPUS-QUAD features customizable full-size jog wheels, incorporates eight hot cues, and promises to “enhance the aesthetics of any environment”.

The OPUS-QUAD is compatible with rekordbox Performance mode and Serato DJ Pro2, while its Beat FX control enables users to alter effects from the XY-pad, which also boasts Smooth Echo and Sound Color FXs.

Check out the introduction video to the OPUS-QUAD below.